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Divorce attorney sought defendable asset values for client. A husband and wife jointly owned an over the road trucking company. The attorney representing the wife in a divorce case asked for a fair market value appraisal of the assets of the trucking company which included over the road trucks and trailers used in the business and certain personal items owned by the husband such as a motor home, boats, and ATV’s.
      The appraiser submitted his report to the attorney along with pictures of the items. The values arrived at by the appraiser were accepted as fair market value by the court.

Heir needed help to determine what to do. An heir needed a fair market value appraisal to determine whether to donate the shop equipment that he had inherited to charity or to sell the items (some antiques) for cash.
      The appraiser examined the equipment and researched the unusual items and arrived at a fair market value for the total package. In addition, the appraiser introduced the client to a woodworking enthusiast who purchased the entire package at a price acceptable to the seller.

Family of deceased man needed an appraisal. Frank, a builder of outdoor tables and chairs, died in his sleep leaving finished and unfinished product in his shop. The business consisted of machinery, tools, equipment and supplies, finished goods, works in progress and raw materials.
      His family called for a fair market value appraisal to help them make a decision about how to dispose of the goods. They used the results of the appraisal as a guideline to ensure equitable distribution to interested family members. All other items were sold in an auction.

Banker ordered an appraisal to support a loan. A banker needed a fair market value appraisal of construction equipment and machinery (Bobcats, and other nationally known brands) located on the job site. The appraiser traveled to the job site, took photographs, obtained serial numbers, hours of use and made a general condition report.
      The appraiser then determined fair market value and reported to the banker. The banker used the results of the appraisal to structure a loan that his client had requested.

Medical practice partnership dissolution. A three partner medical practice needed a fair market value appraisal of the tangible assets of the business in order to arrive at a fair value of those assets.
       The appraiser visited the office setting to obtain photographs, serial numbers, and general condition of those assets. The items to be appraised consisted of office furniture, reception room wall art and furnishings, exam room equipment, computer system, telephone system, diagnostic tools and equipment. The appraiser’s report was then used to determine a buy out for the departing physician.

County needed appraisal on rural clinic. A charitable arm of the county health system servicing uninsured and indigent clients needed an appraisal of the tangible personal property of the privately-owned clinic for the purpose of acquisition.
        The certified appraiser conducted an on-site appraisal of office equipment, exam room equipment and diagnostic equipment and offered a report of the fair market value that was then used by the County which acquired the assets.

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