Why Use a
Certified Business Intermediary?

By Robert A. Kent, Sr.
Certified Business Intermediary

Do thoughts of selling your business ever cross your mind? As a business owner you certainly know that the day will come when you will have to walk away from your company’s operations. Selling your business will likely be one of the biggest decisions of your business life.

No doubt you have a good idea of what your business is worth. But there are many factors to consider when placing your company on the market. Is now the best time to sell? Should I look for a cash deal or should I consider certain terms? What about confidentiality?

Working with a professional business intermediary will provide you with the expertise to help you make those decisions. Consider learning with a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), a professional who fully understands what it takes to successfully sell a business. A CBI can bring significant value to the complex process and help you complete a sale that will include the best possible value and peace of mind.

A Certified Business Intermediary is the designation awarded by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) to members that have met certain educational requirements and ethical standards. IBBA, with over 2,000 members worldwide, is the largest international, non-profit association operating exclusively for the benefit of people and firms engaged in the various aspects of business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions.

A CBI is an experienced, proven professional whose claim of competence is supported and documented. To earn the CBI designation, an IBBA intermediary must meet the following requirements:

Education – A CBI must complete a minimum of 60 class hours of business brokerage courses offered through the IBBA and must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional development through continuing education and recertification.
Experience – A CBI must demonstrate competence in the application of knowledge gained through practical experience with a combined minimum of three years of experience and education in business brokerage.
Knowledge – A CBI must demonstrate a high degree of knowledge garnered through the completion of required courses and the passing of their respective examinations.

With the skills necessary to handle the marketing, negotiations, and complex details involved, a CBI can successfully complete, better than any other, the purchase or sale of your business.

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